Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trying to Please the Captain

Wind must have been blowing the tripod. CT Bears from left, Grumpy, Pogy, Captain and Big Mac.

Polar Bear Motorcycle Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, ride to Lighthouse Tavern in Watertown, NJ, March 11, 2018.

By Pogy:

Our ride today was to the Lighthouse Tavern in Waretown, NJ – called the Capt. at 0830 and when we got to discussing the route, he was thinking we were going somewhere else – Me and Mac were able to set him on the right course and the crew picked me up at 0920 – I was to lead once we got over the GWB – so there was The Capt, Mac, me and Grumpy in the rear – temperature was 41 degrees and clear sky – no traffic to really speak of – I took lead and we arrived at the destination at 1120 – 

Upon arrival The Captain asked me if I was having amnesia or something – breaking them off as usual, I asked what he was talking about and he assumed that I would have taken lead on pickup and not over the bridge - - Me Bad again – never am able to please the sub guy 

Lunch was very good – we all enjoyed including the Capt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ride back was nice, little traffic and home in time to do honeydooooos!!!

See you next week

Ride safe


Friday, March 9, 2018

Ride To Bahr's Landing

CT Polar Bears at Bahr's Landing, from left: Captain, Pogy, Grumpy, Anonymous Ed and Mac.
Motorcycle Polar Bear Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, ride to Bahr's Landing, Highlands, NJ, March 4, 2018.

Report by Pogy:

Departure time today was 0930 from Stratford – Chilly and overcast, but no rain in the forecast – The Captain, Ed, Mac and Grumpy picked me up at 0950 at the rest spot in Darien. The ride down was uneventful  except there were a number of cars today that insisted on breaking into our group – Happened  a  number of times !!

Got to Bahrs just at 1130 so we had an easy check in, got a table at the window and had a lunch – It was nice to have Mac and Grumpy back with us – 

After the photo op, we headed out, got gas and headed north.  No real traffic to speak of – Mac and Grumpy peeled off at 15 off of 287 and we continued to 95 – I was back in the house by 1445

The Captain did a great job of leading the pack –   And Grumpy was the tail gunner in his truck – thanks guys

Ride Safe and see yawl next week

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Ride's a Hoot!

CT Bears at Hooters, from left, Grumpy, Anonymous Ed, Pogy and Captain.
Motorcycle Polar Bear Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, ride to Hooters, Wayne, NJ, February 25, 2018.

By Pogy:

This was a short ride – Departed at 1000 from Stratford, picked me up at 1020 – Ed was lead, me in the middle and the Captain sweep with Grumpy, yes Grumpy in his new Ford pickup behind us all – ride was rainy all the way but little traffic – besides Ed and I both missing the exits and the Captain having to come to our rescue, we arrived a 1120 – Of course we had to listen to the Captain mouthing off of how without him, we Bla, Bla, Bla - !&^%$###%&*())__+ - we still love him

Had lunch, Grumpy took some pictures and we were back on the road heading home with the Captain in the lead – 

Good ride, good harassment and lots of love

Thanks for Lunch Grumpy

I ordered the Star Tron - 

See yawl next week and ride safe


Editor's Note: Grumpy is back, at first restricted to his truck, but soon on two-wheels. He has his sights on that anniversary rocker and a plan to earn one. Meanwhile, we have more photos again for the blog.

The last two photos courtesy of Polar Bear Photographer Bernie Walsh.