Thursday, November 16, 2017

Not Enough Harassment

Motorcycle Polar Bear Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, Ride to Bridgewater, NJ, November 12, 2017

By: Pogy

The morning started off at 34 degrees and overcast – I was so looking forward to my first ride of the season since I had missed the first two rides due to weather and a wedding.  I called The Captain at 0900 (at Duncan donuts) to confirm his departure and my pickup time.  All was a go – left the house and made my way to the Rest stop on 95 where right on time the guys rolled by blowing their horns – I joined up with the group which consisted of The Fonz, Anonymous Ed and The Captain.  

Ed was the lead, Fonz at the Tail – Traffic was light to moderate – I was behind The Captain  

For the first 30 plus miles or so, it was like riding with a slinky – Captain kept on looking down to his right and every time he did he lost 15 – 20 car lengths – then go like hell to catch up  - But in the end he settled down and the rest of the ride went well.

The food spread at the Eagles was well done and for $12 you could not beat it – 

We saddled up by 1230 and the only real traffic we hit was on 287 before the bridge – Stopping at the top to pee, Captain listened to 88 and heard that 95 was backed up in Darien so we took the Merritt once over the bridge

All in all a good day and a good ride 

I will say that it was not the same at the lunch table without T2, Chris, Grumpy and Mac – Not enough verbal harassment!!!!!

Ride safe 


Friday, November 10, 2017

Long Ride to Lewes and Back

Motorcycle Polar Bear Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, Ride to Lewes, Del., November 5, 2017

By: Captain

It was a long day, with a 7 a.m. departure. I got to the DD early, 6 a.m. Token2 called to wish us a safe ride to Irish Eyes.

Anonymous Ed arrived at 6:45 a.m. and Mac a short time after. They needed fuel and with Wheels not yet open they went to Shell down the street. We were underway by 7:07 with me in the lead, Mac as sweep and Ed in the cradle.

It was over cast but mild (62 deg.) heading south at the limit we made good time at a steady pace. We took a couple of breaks and arrived at 11:50 AM.

I got a table for lunch while they checked in. When l checked in there on the sign in sheet for the Cape May ride was the statement "Punked out". I now know why Token2 needs witness protection. The staff gave him up on the spot.

We had lunch, than we departed for the ride home. I said we need a group photo but Anonymous Ed declined saying we will use a previous one. I think he did not want the picture because there was no place to hide. Token 2 could pick up some tips on hiding. But not to worry, l'm coming for him.

The ride home was tough as the GSP had poor visibility in rain. Quick stop at the top than home. Got in about 6:30 PM.

Monday, October 30, 2017

A Pointless Day

Motorcycle Polar Bear Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, ride to Cape May, NJ, October 29, 2017

First ride of the 2017 - 2018 Polar Bear 40th Anniversary Season

By Token

Hello, Token 2 here reporting on the first ride of the 40th sea
son of the Polar Bear Grand Tour. In keeping with tradition, the destination was the VFW in Cape May.
Over the summer I moved to Virginia, so I can no longer claim to be a fully-fledged CT bear. However, by prior arrangement I traveled north to join the CT Bears on the opening ride of this milestone season. Pogy had stored my ride at his Norwalk home and graciously hosted me for a couple of nights prior to Sunday’s departure. 
Distance precludes continuing to participate in the Polar Bear Grand Tour, consequently this was a pointless ride for your author, undertaken for the pure joy of once again traveling in the CT Bear echelon. 
It is five years since Superstorm Sandy caused the opening to be cancelled. Mother nature decided to celebrate the occasion by serving up a nor’easter that was projected to gather itself during Sunday. Bob, the Grand Old Bear, put out a note to settle everyone’s nervousness that had been pushed to fever pitch by hyperventilating weather forecasters. The ride was on, the PB management would be at the VFW, come on down and pick up your sweat shirts. Woo hoo, let’s go!
And so it was that my wheels rolled out of County Street, Norwalk at about 6.30am in a steady rain. It was an honor to be asked to lead the ride. I95 was busier than expected for the early hour and amid darkness and rain it was challenging to pick up the lights of the following riders. However, keeping a steady pace, I anticipated that my fellow bears would come into view as daylight broke. In the meantime, I was amused to watch two giant Dunkin Donut coffee cups pass to my left, permanently cemented into place in the back of a couple of passenger vehicles. Heading to some promotional event or other, or perhaps owned by very thirsty, caffeine crazed drivers?
Daylight emerged slowly, much like an energized CFL bulb. By 7.30am the morning light was good, the rain had stopped, now I should see the guys. Check the mirrors, nothing but empty space. Check again, nothing. And then I remembered the horror that I had tried to block out. I did not leave the CT Bears; they left me. 
Pogy, Captain and Ed begged off the ride in view of the gathering storm. Grumpy was nursing a bad back. Chris; working, working, working. Fonz and Mac, somewhere in the Connecticut weeds.  The decision not to ride was smart of course, with 3-5 inches of rain forecast in the NYC area in the afternoon. Thunderstorms and high winds to boot. 
Your author had a booking on the Cape May – Lewes ferry to continue the journey to Virginia, punctuated by a stay in a Lewes hotel to avoid riding in the rain and dark. Not having to turn around and head back into the eye of the storm was my salvation.
The weather facts on the way south. Warm, unseasonably warm. Wet for the first 30 miles and then dry for the next 100 miles or so. The rain returned, intermittent and light at first. Sixty miles out from Cape May the rain became persistent and steady, thirty miles out it was just darned fugly rain. Torrential but no lightening.
Rivers of water surged between my toes with every step as I hauled myself into the Saltwater café about 10.30 for an early lunch (time to get new boots I guess). Dripping wet of course; puddles forming on the tile floor. I hope they let you back in the café come the spring.
It turned out to be the easiest lunch check to divvy up in my entire CT Bear career; heck, I didn’t even need a calculator. Attached is a picture of lunch, just so you haven’t completely forgotten about the quality of the food come April.
There were a few bikes at the VFW when I rolled up at 11.45am. No sign in for me but I made sure Bob, Jim and anyone else who would listen knew that the stories of CT Bear daring-do had this day been shattered into a thousand parts. ‘No Bob, I am not joking’.
Yes, yes, the near mythical invincibility of the Captain has been rendered asunder. Bernie, the Philly photographer, was floored, a hairs breadth from needing CPR when it dawned on him that his darkened basement wall of Captain pictures would have a yawning gap. 
Yes, an astonishing and entirely pointless day indeed.
So, gentlemen, gird your loins for your trip to Lewes next week. I think Bob will having something to say about it.
I picked up my anniversary sweat top; very nicely done.
A celebratory cake was on offer, to Bob’s delight as shown in the ‘Bob shot’. 
No group shot accompanies this report, because there wasn’t a group, it would have been a selfie. Unlike Princess I don’t do selfies… but substitute the view of Cape May from the ferry.
Enjoy our season. Ride safe. Ride often….and who knows when I will emerge from witness protection for you to take revenge!
Token's meal, puddle under the table not shown.

Polar Bear staff, including Bob, made it to Cape May.

This year's shirt.

Token headed home on the Cape May - Lewes ferry.

Despite what he said, we captured this photo of Token2 riding home from Cape May. He's not afraid of rain!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Photos Only: Cape May Closer to 2016-17 Season

CT Bears, Cape May, NJ, end of season ride, from left: Grumpy, Mac, Thomas (finance to Princess), Princess, Token2 and down front Captain and Pogy.

Motorcycle Polar Bear Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, ride to Cape May, NJ, April 30, 2017.

Last ride of the 2016-2017 Polar Bear Grand Tour season.

Because both Christmas and New Year's fell on Sundays this season, the polar bears extended all the way through April, offering unseasonably warm weather for bears, but not so bad for motorcyclists.

CT Blogger, Chris Loynd, started a new business and missed the last few rides of the season. Grumpy sent a nice note with these photos saying there's always next year. And hopefully there is.

If you're of a mind to help me out a bit, please LIKE my business Facebook Page: you can search @DigitalPizzaCT or use this link: You won't get any spam or even see many posts because of how Facebook works. But more likes helps my ranking. You can also see my new website at:

Meanwhile, I hope to do a bit of riding this summer, in between finding new customers and helping them get more customers.

See you in October!

Remember, ride safe, and warm,

Chris Loynd, a.k.a. CT Blogger

Pogy made it! Red rocker to commemorate a very interesting season.

Mac made 60 points.

Captain this year's only Perfect Attendance rider.

Photos Only: Easton, Pa.

CT Bears in Easton, Pa., from left: Grumpy, Token2, Mac, Fonz and Captain with Pogy down front.

Motorcycle Polar Bear Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, ride to Easton, Pa., April 23, 2017. 

Just for the history books, there was some confusion on this ride. The restaurant said they were not reminded ahead of time and therefore did not expect the bears. However if you Google Cheeburger-Cheeburger in Easton, Pa., well, we'll see if they are on the schedule for next season.

Fortunately, our bears had already decided on an alternate eatery based upon last year's slow -- and not so good -- service. Token2 found a place and they all ended up together for a nice lunch and ride.

Photos Only: Kingston, NY

Motorcycle Polar Bear Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, ride to Kingston, NY, Hickory BBQ Restaurant, April 9 2017.

Langhorne, Pa.

CT Bears in Langhorne, PA, from left: Mac, Grumpy, Captain and Fonz.

Motorcycle Polar Bear Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, ride to Brian's Harley-Davidson, Langhorne, PA, April 2, 2017.

By: Captain

Good weather makes for a great ride. Mine started at 7:00AM when The Princess called to let me know that she would join us at the bus stop for the trip south. At 8:00AM I arrived at the DD for coffee, Mac arrived soon after. At 8:30AM Pogy called to let me know he would join us at the Darian Service area. Johnny B. (Grumpy) showed up rested from his Daytona, FL trip. We left the DD on time heading down I-95 to PA with Grumpy in the lead and MAC bringing up the rear. As we passed the Fairfield Service area the Fonz joined as our Sweep, still south bound we passed the Darian Service area, no Pogy! We forged ahead toward the next pickup in NY. Alas no Princess at the stop. We stopped and called to check on Pogy and here comes the Princess at slow speed. She hit a pothole and deflated her front tire. We were able to get air in the tire and she went to the near by HD dealer for repair. The rest of us continued on to the destination arriving at 11:45AM. 

We checked in and went upstairs for a bite. Brian's HOG chapter had a tasty spread, hotdogs, meat balls, salad and desert with coffee and soft drinks. They accepted donations for MD, great job everyone. After eating Fonz did some shopping then we did our group photo under the sign in the parking lot. The ride home was very pleasant the temp. high of 63 and sunny. We stopped at the top on the Fonz dime. Headed home arriving at 4:15PM.