Sunday, May 6, 2018

Season Close

Last ride of 2017-2018 season. CT Bears from left: Captain, Grumpy and Mac.
Polar Bear Motorcycle Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, ride to Cape May, April 29, 2018

By Captain:

Another season is now history, the day started for me at 4:30 AM. I arrived at the DD at 6:30 AM it was raining and to my surprise Grumpy was already there eating breakfast. Mac arrived at 6:45 AM and Grumpy bought coffee and breakfast for us both. Pogy called to say he was on his way home early from Quantito, VA, the sky was clear no rain.

We left at 7:30 AM with me in the lead MAC as sweep and Grumpy in the cradle. We were in the rain till we reached NJTP. Headed south and arrived early at the VFW at 11:10 AM. We lunched at the hall, Grumpy's treat. At check-in Grumpy got his patch, he made his 30 points, Mac received his 60 point pin and I closed the season with 82 points. Kudos' all around.

Departed at 11:45 AM along the beach. Mac pulled over with a battery light displayed made some adjustments and we were off again heading North. Hit a lot of traffic intermittently an split at the Merrit for them as I contact to I95. I was home by 5:00 PM. The sun was bright temp at 59 deg.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Penultimate Ride to New Destination

Connecticut Polar Bears for the next-to-last ride of the 2017-2018 season, from left: Scott, Mac, Captain, Pogy & Grumpy.

Polar Bear Motorcycle Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, ride to Plumstead Grill, Cream Ridge, NJ, April 22, 2018

By Pogy:

Sunday's ride was to a new location – The Plumsted Inn in Cream Ridge NJ.  

I arrived at the pickup point at about 0910 and Scott was already there – At 0920 the group rode by consisting of Mac, Grumpy and the Captain so we joined in and rode down to Jersey as a party of 5.  MIA was Fonz and Ed – Both having other obligations for the day.

Ride down was easy with some moderate to heavy traffic till we got on the Jersey Pike – off of exit 7A onto 195 and arrived at 1125.  

What a nice place – food was good and priced right – had a good waitress – what more can you ask for !!

Don’t remember what time we got back on the rode – traffic was heavy all the way  – A few tense moments on the Garden state – I was 4th in position at 65 MPH when we came around a blind sweep to the left and traffic was dead stop – I can assure you that the pucker factor kicked in – nobody hurt but WAY TO CLOSE for comfort – skid marks in the skivvies 

Grumpy, Mac and the Captain broke off on the Hutch- Scott and I continued on to I95 – 

Till next time 

Ride safe, keep your head and ass wired and your riding tempers in check


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Raw Weather and Hot BBQ

CT Bears from left: Grumpy, Captain, Mac and Pogy down front.
Polar Bear Motorcycle Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, ride to Hickory BBQ Smokehouse, Kingston, NY, April 15, 2018

Ride report by Pogy:

Today’s ride was to Kingston NY – forecast was for Rain and some icing north of us – Capt and I talked at 0830 and I decided to run to Stratford DD since our ride was going west and north and I didn’t want to chance not hooking up on I84 if I went solo up 7 – when we departed 6 minutes early (according to Grumpy) there were four of us – Grumpy, Captain, Fat Mac and me – Didn’t hear from Fonz or Anonymous Ed – when up Rt25 to 84 to 87 – ride was with little traffic and we arrived just at 1130.  No rain so far – really overcast, cold and raw!!

We had lunch and were back on the road just at 1230 – few miles down the road from leaving the Hickory, it started to mist but only lasted about 15 minutes – dry the rest of the way  -  ride back to Connecticut was uneventful – I broke off 84 on to Rt7 for home – the others continued on 84 for home

Grumpy took pictures – he noted that the pictures he took last week disappeared into outer space – never to be seen again!

Any day is a good day when you’re out riding with the troops 

See you’ll next week and ride safe


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ride to Brian's H-D

Photos for this ride are available only from the Polar Bear Grand Tour website. Fonz earns his gold rocker.
Photo by Bernie Walsh.

Polar Bear Motorcycle Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, ride to Brian's Harley-Davidson, Langhorne, Penn., April 8, 2018.

Report by Pogy:

Got a call from The Captain and Anonymous Ed saying that they would not be riding due to family obligations – Fonz called saying that he was departing at 10 due to work so I call Grumpy and he advised that he was riding and would see me at the pickup point – Right at 0920 he and Mac rolled up so there were the three of us – I took the lead with Mac as tail gunner – we made good time and I did ok as lead until we got about 5 miles from Brian’s – Grumpy jumped in front and got us there arriving just at 1130.

As always, they had food – three meatballs in a bun, some potato salad and chips – Yum! Yum!  Not bad for free 

As we were leaving the building, the Fonz showed up – chatted with him for a few and  were on the road by 1230.  I was in the lead again but not for long – Grumpy took over – he got us on the right track and stayed in front – Ride back was uneventful and we parted at the exit for 15N – I continued to 95N and was home by 1450

Grumpy and Fonz took some pictures – 

See yawl next week and ride safe


Last Ride to Chatterbox

Final Polar Bear ride to Chatterbox. Owners are retiring and the location will be a WaWa.
From Left: Captain, Grumpy, Scott, Mac with Pogy down front.
Not shown: Fonz and Anonymous Ed.

Motorcycle Polar Bear Blog, Polar Bear Grand Tour, ride to Chatterbox, Augusta, NJ, March 25, 2018

Report by Pogy:

Our ride to the Chatterbox started off with overcast and 34F – Pickup for me was at 0950 so I tried calling The Captain 3 times just to confirm pick up, but his phone was SOL – So I called Grumpy who answered – he was getting gas across the street from the DD and could see the Captains bike so I knew it was a go – As a side bar, Fonz called me to advise that he would be running late and he and Ed would see us down at the Chatterbox

When I arrived at the Pickup point I was surprised to find Scott sitting there – I think this is only the second time this season he has joined us ---   At 0950 the boys rolled by  - Grumpy, the Captain and Fat Mac – So we rolled out and joined up – Grumpy was lead and Fat Mac was tail gunner – 

Ride down was uneventful – Had a few light snow flurries but with the temp being about freezing not an issue – About three quarters of the way down, the Fonz and Ed passed us – Figured they wanted to get to the destination to get a table for us all – which they did!

We arrived at the Chatterbox at about 1120 – This will be the last time to this destination – the owner sold out to WaWa – always good service and food – will miss the place

Riding back there were 7 of us – just before the 80 cutoff, Scott went straight – down to six – along the way we had a pickup truck almost taking out the Fonz – Damn fool was hell bent on getting around us so he just moved into our staggered formation without any regard for us – Nice evasive maneuver Fonz

When we got to the Rt 15 exit on 287, Fonz, Ed, Mac and Grumpy peeled off – The Captain and I continued to 95 – 

Got home in time to do an oil change on the bike and ready it for our next ride two weeks from now

As always, thanks for the Comradery

Ride Safe